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Life Gems LLC

A Social Venture Company

Ultrasound Jewelry and Keepsakes

Life Gems is a social venture company that can put your ultrasound on jewelry and other items. We seek to support an expectant parents love for their baby, and provide support for those who have lost their babies due to miscarriage. A portion of the profits from all of our products are donated to support groups and research organizations to help save lives. We believe that we can do good by doing good business, and through the pride of life we can save lives.

One of the happiest and proudest moments in a new motherís life is when she can see her baby protected and enclosed in the safety of her womb - the ultra sound. Most women are excited to share the gift of new life living within them.

Founder Ron McConico speaks about his inspiration for Life Gems

"This idea came to me as I was expecting to see the ultrasound of my daughterís baby. Two years earlier she had lost twins to premature delivery at 17 weeks. The babyís names are Enoch and Eli. It was further fueled by that fact that she delivered early again. This time, at 25 weeks she delivered Nehemiah David, at one pound six ounces and who fought for his life for over four months at the Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center. Now he is over twenty pounds, at home and doing fine."

Our business has five goals to benefit multiple groups of people.

1.) Help parents share their exciting news.

2.) Help finance support groups for parents that have lost a baby or have had a high risk pregnancy.

3.) Provide finances for miscarriage research organizations.

4.) Through our profit help finance organizations that help at-risk urban youth.

5.) Provide jobs for urban youth.

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